West Virginia Needs Steel Buildings

General Steel is a recognized leader in the international steel building industry and has supplied steel buildings to many residents, businesses, and organizations in West Virginia. West Virginia continues to grow in many economic sectors. General Steel Corporation is dedicated to meeting the needs of all customers and provides any of the applications and layouts necessary for any type of business need.

If you are in any West Virginia industry that is involved in coal production or the manufacturing of steel, glass, aluminum, or chemical manufacturing, a General Steel building is perfect for any industrial application. All General Steel buildings feature rigid I-Beam construction with heavy duty 26 gauge steel. All General Steel buildings are available in clear-span widths of up to 300 feet and unlimited length capabilities. A General Steel building offers column-free interiors that can fully adapt to practically any production floor plan. General Steel manufacturing and production facilities are designed to your specific requirements to leave plenty of space for storage, offices, or loading areas. General Steel buildings are very versatile and when your company needs more useable square footage in the future, your General Steel building can easily expand to meet your requirements.

If your new building project will be on your West Virginia farm, you should know that General Steel specializes in agricultural buildings. General Steel agricultural buildings include barns, riding arenas, heavy equipment and commodity storage facilities, and many other applications. All General Steel agricultural buildings are pre-fabricated at the factory and all component parts are pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched at the factory. General Steel buildings can save you time and money compared to similar sized conventional building methods and materials. General Steel buildings are easily assembled and bolt together snugly to provide for tight connections for a safe and secure interior environment.

General Steel buildings are pre-engineered at the factory to the correct loads and codes for your building’s locale. If you are concerned with the spring winds of Smithsburg or the occasional heavy snows in Blacksburg, a General Steel building is specifically designed to be resilient to the elements wherever you live in “The Mountain State.” A General Steel project coordinator will be responsible for the design and rigging of your steel building. Your project coordinator will be assigned at no additional charge and can answer any questions you may have. Your project coordinator can even communicate with your architect or general contractor if you so choose.

When looking for the correct building for your next project in West Virginia be sure to consider all of the benefits of a General Steel building by visiting our website at www.gensteel.com.

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