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Church Fell on Hard Times

Jan 06, 2014 by Michelle P.

The Good Hopewell Baptist Church purchased a steel building from General Steel and was embarking upon the construction of a new edifice. The project never came to fruition and left the church in a dilemma. The kind staff and professionals at General Steel worked with us through this process and were very understanding.

Of no fault of anyone, we could no longer use the accessories that were purchased for the steel building. After many years of storage and patience, the staff at General Steel assisted the church in processing the necessary paperwork to cancel the order.

They could have charged fees and made it a hassle for the church, but they didn’t. We are appreciative for the service and professionalism of the employees of General Steel.

My Steel Home

Sep 30, 2013 by Dave

Putting my General Steel building together was easier than expected, we never had to drill any holes. The delivery and fabrication was perfect! Permitting was a bit difficult but the guys at General Steel assisted and made it happen. Looking back, this project was a great success.

Withstanding the Winds

Jun 12, 2013 by Bill

All pole barns with sheet metal are cheaper and all of them leak. All loose their roofs in our storms. My General Steel building and roof has made it through a 70 mph storm, no issues.

Excellent Service

May 24, 2013 by Goli

Working with my project coordinators made the whole project run so smooth. They are very knowledgeable and available at all times to answer customer questions- I really appreciated that.

Bought 5 Buildings

Mar 20, 2013 by Phil

I purchased five building packages from General Steel. I received all of them in a timely manner and fully complete. Overall, the erection process has been straightforward with quality fabrication, good erection plans, and good material labeling.

When my erection contractor lost the entire fastener package for a building, General Steel even offered to replace the fasteners free of charge.

As a few minor typical erection conflicts arose, General Steel assisted with field work-arounds and offered to compensate for the minor re-work.

General Steel spent considerable time in the pre-purchase phase, getting the buildings to match my needs (size, insulation packages, roofing systems, windows/doors, layout). This led to accurate quotes, minimizing adders after I signed the purchase order. That up-front time with General Steel was valuable.

On my largest building I put a lot of effort into getting quotes from several competing steel building companies. In the end, General Steel’s package was the best. I suspect their large buying power with vendors (insulation was a major component for my buildings in Alaska), and low margins for overhead kept their costs competitive. I wound up purchasing a total of 5 buildings. If I were to purchase again, my first choice would again be General Steel. They supplied everything that they said they would, on time. They helped resolve any question or issue during erection. My project has spanned a couple of years, and General Steel is still available to answer the phone and address any question that I might have.

15 Years Working with the General

Mar 16, 2013 by Chuck C.

The team at General Steel continues to strive to meet our needs in every project. I have found that being able to meet face to face with a builder in General Steel’s network has been key the success of our projects. General Steel goes the extra mile in every project.

I believe that General Steel buildings are far superior to any other building on the market, the I-beam rafters and red iron engineering along with great service is what really sets General Steel apart.

4 Year Customer

Mar 10, 2013 by Jay T.

I have been a customer of General Steel Corporation for four years. I made my first mini-storage building purchase in spring of 2009. General Steel Corporation helped lead me in the right direction for my storage business to be a success. My business has grown each year and I have made a mini-storage building purchase from General Steel Corporation every year since 2009. I have already made a purchase for 2013, this building will be completed late February. Every level of their business has been very professional from the building proposal to delivery. General Steel offers a great product with a great warranty and customer support. I would not buy a mini-storage building from any other supplier.


Feb 26, 2013 by Gerald

What else can I say? Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! What you read is absolutely true, General Steel is the best in the business.


Feb 22, 2013 by Ben A.

We just finished installing our new building and this is the word I want to use FLAWLESS. We had no problem whatsoever. We did not miss any part or had to cut any steel. All the measurements were perfect , paintings were good and connections were seamless. We really thank you for the good job your company did for us.

We thank specially Mr. Bill Burnham who really went through every detail with us and all the changes we asked for. Special thanks to Jan Kentfield who processed the entire job thoroughly from start to delivery.

Sandy’s 90 MPH Wind

Jan 30, 2013 by Albert

We wanted strength and Sandy’s 90 mile gusts proved that we had it.

We wanted a mezzanine with concrete floors and we got that too.

We wanted to celebrate in unobstructed spaces and your design team made happen.

We wanted a soaring sanctuary to add dignity and reverence and we got that too.

We wanted beauty and it turned out just heavenly!

General Steel (303) 904-4837 10639 Bradford Road Littleton CO, 80127 USA 4.9 5.0 23 23 The Good Hopewell Baptist Church purchased a steel building from General Steel and was embarking upon the construction of a new edifice. The project never came to fruition and left


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