General Steel Mansards and Parapets

There are a couple of exterior features available that add to the look of any steel building and provide a unique architectural presentation. Mansards (or facades) and parapets can be designed to provide any commercial building or business center needing particular enhancements or features. General Steel can incorporate any of these additional aspects into the design of your new steel building.

Mansards have become an extremely popular architectural element. A mansard is an architectural application that covers a wall in part and normally obscures the eave and rake of a structure. Mansards are used today to provide interesting frontage around the perimeter of any steel building. Mansards can also be used to break up a monotonous roof line. Mansard applications also include providing a shorter visible wall height while maintaining high interior clearance and providing attractive roof cover for overhang areas. A façade is a vertically expressed false front or marquee while a mansard is a pitched structural feature called a hip roof having two slopes on each side. Any façade or mansard can be located on a sidewall and/or endwall. These decorative trim or panel systems can vary in length depending on the building design and appearance. Mansards and facades are aesthetically pleasing applications that are an economically sound approach to enhance the look of any steel structure and General Steel can customize these features to virtually any design.

Parapet walls differ from mansards and facades because parapet walls have no projection. The wall panels below the steel building roof line extend past the eave to a precise elevation. Parapets of considerable height can be used to conceal a sloped roof of a very wide building, for example, thus giving the steel building a more “conventional” appearance. Parapets can also be used to screen unsightly roof equipment from view. Parapets are also used as accent elements to break up a monotonous roof line. A complete perimeter of rooftop parapets also can help modify wind flow over low profile roof applications so that pressures are more uniformly distributed. Using a parapet wall combined with an attractive mansard rising from behind can help your building conform to any local covenants and give an aesthetically pleasing effect.

When considering your next steel building project look to General Steel for the complete design package offering mansard and parapet enhancements.

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