General Steel Buildings and the State of Texas

The economic and population growth of the state of Texas has been extraordinary over the past decade. Texas is leading the way with economic growth that exceeds the U.S. average and General Steel is a recognized leader in the steel building industry nationwide. Most experts and analysts predict continued robust growth for the Texas economy well into 2010. General Steel is also predicting healthy increases in steel building sales because of the strong endorsement and acceptance of our products by many Texans.

Texas accounted for nearly 7% of the worldwide sales that General Steel enjoyed in 2004. That trend is actually increasing in 2005. Texas is one of the most important areas for steel building starts, be it metropolitan or agricultural sites. Most Texans are looking for the high-quality and durable steel buildings that General Steel can provide. The trend for most Texans considering a building project is towards the best quality steel building available on the market today and not the cheapest metal building with questionable durability assets.

Once the Texas consumer has identified a building site there is time needed in order to review the four key priorities for the building itself and to come up with the most efficient design for the location and function. The first priority is to decide on how big your building needs to be. A steel building from General Steel can provide up to 300 feet of clear span width with unlimited length capabilities if you need to build a gymnasium, for instance, in any Texas metro area. We can also accommodate smaller agricultural storage buildings for the rural requirements of Texas farmers and ranchers. The next question to consider is how the design will work with the features of the site. Steel buildings from General Steel are not the unimaginative square metal boxes of the past. General Steel can address any local zoning or covenant issues and your building will conform to or surpass any Texas building codes. In addition, General Steel can provide optional facades that replicate brick, rock, stucco, or stone at a fraction of the cost of masonry work. The third question that needs to be addressed is whether any supplemental heating and cooling is required with your steel building. Insulating a General Steel building with rigid board or fiberglass applied to the walls and roof of the building can help to reduce the overall heating and cooling energy expenses. The fourth, and last, item for consideration is the number of components necessary to complete your building. General Steel offers our Texas customers a full line of premium components including doors, windows, vents, skylights and many other quality options at direct pricing. The proper use of components can add to the function of your building along with creating an efficient steel building that can save you money and improve the comfort of the interior environment.

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