General Steel Buildings and the State of California

The United States Census Bureau projects that the state of California will grow by over 12.5 million residents by the year 2030 which is a 37% increase in the base population compared to the year 2004. With over 35 million people residing in California during the 2003 census this will bring the population to near 50 million in just 25 years. One in eight of every Americans lives in California . With the continued rise in California ’s population and consequent building growth it is no surprise that Californians are the largest “customer “for General Steel Corporation. Eighteen out of every 100 steel buildings ordered by consumers in 2004 from General Steel were from California .

Californians have helped make General Steel one of the most recognized names in the steel building industry nationwide. Our steel buildings are adaptable to practically any function. General Steel provides cost-efficient and durable warehouses, churches, retail establishments, and manufacturing buildings along with many other applications. Many consumers and businesses in California have found that a steel building from General Steel is versatile enough to accommodate virtually any design and also provide a flexible clear-span interior environment for floor plan adaptability.

The days of steel buildings being nothing more than uninviting metal boxes blighting the California landscape are over. Many communities in California are concerned with structure appearance and have strict rules and regulations governing steel buildings. General Steel can meet or surpass any strictures or existing covenants by enhancing any of our buildings with premium components and accessories. General Steel buildings in California feature state-of-the-art exterior options such as glass, brick or rock facades. Exterior wall systems and building trim are available in any number of eye-catching and durable colors.

Many Californians have found that a General Steel building is a cost savings benefit over more traditional building methods and materials. A General Steel building can represent a savings of time and money when compared to more conventional buildings of similar size.

All General Steel buildings feature solid I-Beam construction and high yield steel strength joined together in order to provide a stronger, more durable structure. General Steel buildings are pre-engineered to provide for the correct tolerances to withstand the elements and adhere to the strict seismic regulations required in California .

Energy costs in California can be formidable. A General Steel building is an energy efficient structure. Our steel buildings are easily insulated with rigid board or fiberglass. Insulated General Steel buildings in California can dramatically reduce heating and cooling expenses. Choosing a General Steel low profile roof option can also help curtail energy costs.

General Steel buildings are also expandable. Regardless of your building’s location in California increased square footage requirements can be easily accommodated even years from now. End walls are easily removed and new framework and roof panels added. In most instances the buildings original end panels can be re-used.

General Steel will continue to provide consumers in California with quality state-of-the-art steel buildings today and far into the future.

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