What is a Design Package?

Affordable Project Diligence

Every construction project no matter how large or small requires due diligence to ensure that the project is a true success. Before we introduced our pre-construction services package, those who needed to raise capital or explore the feasibility of an upcoming project would need to hire an expensive architect and then present the project to their local municipality or capital sources.

With our pre-construction package we can begin with as little as a hand-drawn sketch or a brief verbal description of what you intend to build. After we get the initial concept on paper, our team will thoroughly research what you can build according to your local zoning, produce final floor plans, 3D renderings and a complete cost analysis detailing what it will cost to complete construction as designed.

What about revisions?

No design we work on is final until you say it’s perfect. Although we will design a project that can be built in your locale, we realize that more often than not there are other stakeholders in the project who will ask for adjustments. Stakeholders can include members of your congregation, church leadership, business partners, investors or even yourself. This is what really sets our pre-construction package apart from the alternatives. Because we charge a flat rate for the service you or others involved in the project can make as many revisions as necessary to the floor plan or renderings until the final product is representative of what you want to build.

Our Goals and Expectations

Our pre-construction services package is only successful for our team when your building is delivered and you begin construction. General Steel is a leader in the construction industry nationally because our team is made up of experienced professionals who know how to execute successful projects. Whether you are planning on building a new church facility, expanding your current business operation or working on a personal development project, our pre-construction team will meet you wherever you are in the process of building and make sure your construction project is successful.

Learn More About Pre-Construction Services

Visit the links below to learn more about what you receive with our most popular pre-construction services package and to see some final products from various projects our team has worked on. We’ve even included some projects our team has recently taken from inception through the successful completion of construction so you can see for yourself how effective our process has been for people just like you!


What You Get

Learn more about what services you will receive and how our pre-construction package can take your project from inception through the completion of construction.

Most Popular Package

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3D Rendering Gallery

View examples of 3D renderings General Steel has created for other projects like retail developments, churches, manufacturing expansions and more.

3D Rendering Examples


Recently Completed Projects

These projects started with General Steel's design department and have now recently completed construction.

Design Build Projects

Who needs pre-construction services?
Check Mark 2 You are in the planning phase of your construction project
Check Mark 2 You are a church leader presenting the project to your congregation
Check Mark 2 You need a presentation tool to raise capital from investors
Check Mark 2 You are in the process of securing financing from a bank
Check Mark 2 You need to know how much the complete project will cost
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