General Steel Buildings Warranty

50 Year Warranty

What is standard in the industry?

A one year manufacturer’s warranty is common among most pre-engineered steel buildings sold in the industry, however just like any other industry the company you purchase from can promise you any length of time they choose. The problem is that whether you’re purchasing a television, new car tires or a steel building your warranty is only as strong as the company is that gave it to you. The steel buildings industry is especially problematic because there are numerous small outfits claiming to be large corporations offering customers warranties that will be void if the outfit goes out of business. This is why the one year steel building manufacturer’s warranty is all you can count on in many instances.

A Warranty You Can Trust

No matter the size or location of your building, all General Steel buildings come with our industry leading 50 year structural warranty.

Why You Can Trust Our Warranty

Here are a few reasons why you can count on the pre-engineered building quality we deliver and our 50 year structural warranty.

  • General Steel is a debt free company
  • Our business has remained strong and debt free through multiple economic downturns over the past two decades
  • We supply buildings made of only the highest quality American-made materials
  • We don’t shortcut on your building’s loads for greater margins, your General Steel building will meet or exceed your local codes for snow, wind and seismic

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